Matthew Reade is a wood carver living by Calgary Bay on the isle of Mull. He draws on the richness of his natural surroundings to create his breathtaking sculptural works. Through carving Matthew directly translates his experiences of the landscape.

Working with wood since he was a child he has a strong affinity with his understanding of his medium. He is involved in every aspect of the process of wood-carving; part owner of a mobile sawmill where he selects his trees for carving, he chooses his tree, cuts it down, prepares it, transports it to his workshop, dries it and gets to work on it!

Spring is the time when Matthew feels the strongest urge to carve, when the light is right and long shadows form.

Matthews vision for a piece is instinctive, driven, focused, and distilled. With an idea in mind, once he embarks on the work he continues with passion until it is complete. Whilst creating he mounts the wood on a special 360° ball clamp which allows him a fluidity of movement. This purely mechanical solution helps him to express, through his carving, his inner vision of the world.

Matthew Reade's carvings are admired and collected by both Muileachs and visitors to the island. Although he has as yet only exhibited on Mull, his work has travelled to many parts of the globe.